Shawn Columbus, Project Management

Shawn Columbus

Project Management


Shawn is a project management veteran driven by the desire to simplify processes with technology. He garnered much of his experience in the energy industry where he managed teams of employees engaged in acquisitions and divestitures. Shawn effectively managed these large acquisitions and divestitures resulting in large data exchanges between the parties which required cleansing and loading into various databases. Shawn is passionate about data quality and data governance because he has seen firsthand the impacts they have on the ability to drive efficient and accurate reporting and analytics.

Shawn managed the implementation of several technologies including Geographic Information Systems, Informatica, Salesforce, and Power BI to streamline the management of a natural gas company’s leasehold. This effort resulted in a massive data cleansing effort where Shawn played a major role in defining the key data elements to be captured. Shawn was able to use existing technologies within the enterprise to develop this solution at very little cost to the company.

Shawn is passionate about improving the operations of businesses, and his experience working with large data transfers make him invaluable to the Analytics Bound team as a project manager. Shawn’s business insights combined with his technical knowledge drive him to continuously innovate and improve the organizations he works with.