Joe Janeda, CEO

Joe Janeda

CEO & Founder


Joe started his career manually reviewing contractual agreements in the energy industry. It was during this period that he found his desire to improve business processes and systems. Joe realized that many of the systems and processes in the organizations where he worked were overly cumbersome and plagued with errors due to the need for unnecessarily complex processes and manual interventions. In his tenure in the energy industry, he developed numerous systems, processes, and reports to streamline the business units that he was responsible for, utilizing his knowledge of Power BI, Spotfire, Cognos, Informatica, ArcGIS, SQL, Python, C#, and R.

Joe completed his Juris Doctorate in 2017, and this, combined with his business undergraduate degree and his technical abilities, led to his ability to effectively communicate and translate technical requirements between the business and technical groups. Joe’s ability to look at problems from a business, legal and compliance, and technical perspective allows him to quickly evaluate solutions to determine the best fit for a project. He is passionate about finding solutions that are sustainable and do not result in technical debt to organizations, but that are also compliant with legal requirements.

In January 2020, Joe left the energy industry to pursue a technical career in the health care space. During this time, he was able to utilize his experience to develop solutions for one of the largest healthcare providers in Pennsylvania. These solutions utilized the Microsoft Power Platform, including Power BI, Power Automate, and Power Apps, SQL, R, and C#. It was at this time in his life that Joe realized that both the healthcare and energy industries were plagued by the same technical issues, which led him to form Analytics Bound in 2020 with his partner, Erin. He realized that if two completely unrelated industries were plagued by data issues, that it likely was an issue across all industries. His drive comes from the innovative process that turns overly cumbersome systems and processes into streamlined efficient and effective ecosystems that improve business and employee performance.