Erin Frey, COO

Erin Frey

COO & Founder


Erin discovered her passion in creating productive, motivated work environments through business processes that work for the user not the other way around. Her engineering training sparked a desire for efficiency motivating her to become a leader in quality management, process improvement and, most recently, digital transformations. The 10+ years of experience in different operational settings from field work turning wrenches and swinging hammers to management of enterprise wide solutions has given her insight into the many aspects of an organization. She excels at understanding the root of the problem, connecting people to the right business solution, and coaching people through transformations. Teams of all sizes have worked with Erin to define new or existing business processes and identify areas of improvement.

Erin has led the implementation and development of enterprise-wide programs that are deeply interconnected to create a smooth transportation network of data from a single point of entry to final analytics and reporting. She has successfully implemented project management and Agile methodologies that helped turn a non-tech company into a leader in customized internal Salesforce Apps.

Creating solutions that not only streamline decision making but improve the workplace atmosphere is what drives Erin and has led her to begin Analytics Bound LLC with her partner. Along with her Chemical Engineering degree, she obtained certifications as a Six Sigma Blackbelt and SAFe Program Consultant (SPC) for Agile methodologies.