Data Quality

The Foundation of Quality Reporting and Analytics

Impact of Data Quality

Data quality lays the foundation for reporting and analytics. If the underlying data is inaccurate, the critical business insights drawn from that data can lead to false conclusions. In a recent survey, 60% of respondents stated that too many sources with inconsistent data as their #1 issue, and 50% reported disorganization and lack of metadata as the second biggest issue. Once data quality issues are identified, they should be rectified as soon as possible to minimize any impact on your business.

Why Choose Us

Using a combination of machine learning, scripting, automation tools, and skilled professionals, Analytics Bound works to systematically assess, identify, and, where needed, correct data quality issues. Our results-driven team of highly trained individuals are experts in identifying root causes and creating complete, accurate, consistent, and reportable datasets. Our approach uses principles from Agile methodologies to encourage results from the start while providing flexibility to pivot our focus as necessary. To facilitate transparency, we provide real-time progress made by our professionals.

Main Services


Dive into your datasets to identify data quality issues and their root causes


Use various computer automation tools to quickly improve data quality


Take advantage of our skilled data professionals to review data that cannot be optimized through automation


Set up analytics to easily identify data quality issues that need to be addressed and train personnel how to fix them