Data Governance

Maintaining the Quality of Reporting and Analytics

Impact of Data Governance

While data quality is the foundation to any analytics program, data governance ensures that the organization maintains that data quality. It provides a clearly defined source of truth for each data point as well as a clear definition for each. According to a recent study, data governance is lacking or non-existent at a significant number of organizations. Just 20% of respondents stated that their organization published metadata. It was also found that controls at the time of data entry were lacking.

Why Choose Us

Our team of professionals have implemented data governance programs at large organizations in the healthcare and energy spaces. We utilize a combination of manual and automated monitoring to ensure data quality at the time of entry. Not only will we assist in defining and setting up your data governance program, we will train your team on the proper labeling and metadata capturing practices.

Main Services


Review current state of your data governance program and find opportunities for improvement


Define the source of truth as well as unify the definitions for data points


Assist with the development and implementation of any data governance program


Ensure all teams are fully trained in data governance practices and put practices or controls in place to maintain the quality of governance