Data Architecture

The Foundation of Quality Reporting and Analytics

Impact of Data Architecture

Any organization that is looking to improve their data program should take a step back and ensure that their data architecture will facilitate success. Data architecture can refer to the design of a system’s backend database, the structure of data warehouses or data lakes, or the ‘extract transform load’ (ETL) processes that move data between systems. Poor architecture detrimentally impacts the ability to effectively gain insights into an organization’s data.

Why Choose Us

At Analytics Bound, we recognize the need for a strong data architecture foundation. Our team of experts can analyze your current or proposed architecture solutions to ensure that they will facilitate strong reporting and analytics. Analytics Bound professionals have the experience to help you minimize data entry, optimize processes, and automate data transfer where possible. When appropriate, we believe that transparency and visibility of data is key to create a self-service environment that will cut back on the time spent waiting on information.

Main Services


Review current state of your architecture and identify areas of improvement


Streamline business or digital processes to improve the transfer and access of data


Develop or implement applications from the ground up to set the architectural foundation


Create analytics that will help maintain the architecture and train teams when needed